Su Yuke’s 2018 Nanjing PCB Technology Exchange Conference was successfully held

Date: 2018-08-10
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   On April 20th, Su Shike was invited by the 2018 Nanjing PCB Association to participate in the PCB technology exchange meeting, which was held as expected in the expectations of everyone. A number of PCB enterprise experts and engineers from Nanjing and surrounding areas gathered together with Su Keke technical experts to face-to-face interactions and discuss technical difficulties and share practical experience. At the meeting, Su Keke technical experts introduced the company's latest product technology, process specifications and development planning to the participating engineers. Through detailed product technology development and application and actual case analysis, the site engineers presented a detailed Suike technology innovation development. route map. At the same time, the experts also shared their experience in the PCB design and production process for more than ten years, and won the praise of the participants.

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