Group lecture on contract risk law

Date: 2018-08-09
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  In order to implement the promotion of the company's comprehensive risk management and internal control management level, on May 17, 2018, the group company Sufike Marketing Center organized a special lecture on “Industry Contract Risk Prevention”, especially invited to the company's perennial legal consultant Suzhou Hengyou. Lawyer Li, a senior partner of the law firm, gave a special lecture. Shenzhen headquarters and various branch sales offices in the southeast, south China, and northwest regions participated in the training. In this training, Mr. Li was invited to give a lecture. In the form of the actual work of the group company and the case theory, the paper analyzes the common legal problems in the PCB and PCBA industries, mainly the quality problems and damages involved in PCB and PCBA transactions. And how to determine the amount of compensation, the corresponding burden of proof, one-to-one analysis, and on this basis, gave advice on business operations, and taught a lively and wonderful law-enforcement course for the participants, which was highly praised by the participating trainees. It is worth mentioning that Mr. Li has served in the group since 2006 and has served for 12 years. He has also gradually grown from a young lawyer to a senior partner of Asia Pacific's largest law firm on the Sophie platform. Through training and learning, the participants improved and deepened their understanding of the importance of contract risk management, raised risk awareness, and expanded the macro view of risk management. Help the company to firmly establish problems and risk orientation, gradually establish a long-term mechanism for risk control, improve the basic management level of enterprises, and better promote the healthy and stable development 

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