The true cause of the price increase of copper foil

Date: 2018-08-20
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    In recent years, the price of PCB sheet has risen, especially copper foil, which has been in a state of shortage. The price has soared. From the beginning of 2016 to the present, the price of PCB standard copper foil has risen by more than 50%. What factors lead to the price increase of copper foil? Last year, the smartphone market was good, demand for PCBs increased, and shipments of copper foil increased. Since last year, a large number of copper foil production capacity has been transferred to the production of new energy vehicle batteries. Copper foil enterprises have been in short supply for PCB companies, and the application of lithium batteries has become more scarce, resulting in an increase in their value. At the beginning of the new year, a few big news came, the strike of the Chilean Escondida copper mine, the export of the Grasberg mine in Indonesia was interrupted, and the situation of the two largest copper mines in the world caused the copper supply to decrease by about 100,000 tons. The price of copper rose. From then on, on February 10, LME copper surged more than 4% to 6087.5 US dollars / ton, refreshing the new high since June 2015, COMEX copper also rose more than 4.6%, also refreshed the new high in June 2015. In addition, the rise in foundry costs has also led to an increase in the price of copper foil. The cost of copper foil foundry was 7~8 yuan/ton from 2007 to 2008, and it dropped to 30,000 yuan/ton from 2013 to 2014. With the expansion of demand for automotive lithium batteries, the cost of copper foil foundry has increased to 40,000 yuan / ton, the labor costs in the 2016 have increased by 15% to 20%. Resources are scarce, but demand is increasing, copper foil prices are growing, and queues are ordered, and limited supply! Under such circumstances, the manufacturer of copper-clad laminates has changed the habit of paying after three or five months of arrival, and purchased copper foil with cash. As a result, the vicious competition that indirectly caused price increases made the situation even more intense!



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