SLP is about to become a battleground for the military

Date: 2018-08-09
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          Due to the heat of consumer electronics such as PCs, NBs, and mobile phones, the PCB industry has seen great development this year. However, equipment such as mobile phones are being upgraded, and the requirements for PCBs are also increasing. In particular, Apple, whose update speed is fast, requires the PCB factory to respond well. There has been rumor in the market that Apple is looking for a "carrier-like board" technology that can replace existing HDI (high-density boards) to comply with the trend of SIP (system-in-package) for smartphones. The upcoming iPhone 8, is expected to be equipped with a flexible OLED screen, dual lens, glass case, and power modules that support fast charging, wireless charging, and large-capacity batteries. The main reason for the reduction in thickness is the reduction of OLED screen and PCB area. (SLP) to provide the space needed for a dual lens. With the increase in the number of SIP-equipped components and the realization of other functions, and beyond the limit load of HDI, Apple hopes to further introduce the application of "carrier-like" materials. The class carrier board is still a kind of PCB model, but the process is 30μm/30μm. It is thinner and smaller in area, which can leave more space, but SLP has not been in manufacturing process, raw materials, design schemes, etc. Conclusion. Apple upgrades, other mobile phone manufacturers will certainly be updated, all major PCB manufacturers have responded, such as Jin Baize, etc., actively put into production line planning, make adjustments to production equipment, new equipment and processes. It is expected that next year's class carrier board will be a battleground for the military, and the PCB industry will usher in a new round of development.


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